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Many companies need help explaining their products and how they work in a clear and concise way. 

I provide easily read, effective documentation to help your users understand and work with your product, saving your team time and money. 


I'm a Technical Writer who enjoys teaching new concepts and  creating a great user experience. I currently write for U.S. Bank with the Shield Console team.


I've worked with internal documentation to improve team workflows at Twitter and external documentation for online learning programs with Google Developer Studio. 

My portfolio includes the following:

  • Support Engineer documentation 

  • Product features documentation

  • Online educational content

  • Glossaries

  • How-To Guides

  • Information Articles

  • Video Scripts

Interests: consumer technology, health and wellness, education, smart textiles, and social justice. 


I've contributed to various projects, including Microsoft, GoogleAnnmarie Skin CareBalanced Body, Twitter, and more.

Previous work includes the San Francisco Chronicle, California Home + Design Magazine, and more. 

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